Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

When confronted with violence in the home, stalking or harassment, many people feel like there is nowhere to go and no one that they can turn to. The laws of North Carolina include protections for victims of domestic violence that can enable you to stay in your home, keep custody of your children, and prevent an abusive partner from approaching you.

Temporary Restraining Orders can be issued by the court. They remain in effect for 10 days. At the end of those 10 days, the court will hold a hearing and decide whether to issue a Domestic Violence Protective Order that will remain in effect for a year or more.

If you feel that you are the victim of domestic violence, or if you believe you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney quickly after receiving a Temporary Restraining Order.

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Attorney Steve Palmé began working on domestic violence cases during law school and has continued to represent people in Domestic Violence Court since 2003. Contact our lawyers for a consultation today if you have been the victim of abuse or if you have been served with a restraining order and need to defend yourself in Court.