Social Media Clauses In Prenuptial Agreements

August 15, 2014 | Prenups

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more and more social networking clauses are being added to prenuptial agreements. These legally binding social media clauses determine the kind of information and images they can share about each other on social media sites. These social media prenups are trying to prevent the posting of nude or embarrassing photos that could harm their significant other’s reputation or endanger their job.

What are the Penalties of a Social Media Prenup?

Each offence could cost a party a large sum of money, depending on the prenup. There are also reports that violations end in months of toilet duty or other household chores.

It’s unfortunate that what most would consider common decency now has legal consequences, however, these agreements may prevent impulse sharing in a moment of anger, knowing that there will be repercussions. These prenup additions try to set expectations for marriage but also act as a safeguard during a divorce.

Other couples, rather than penalties, are adding clauses that simply ask for permission before posting pictures or status updates. Social media prenups are not just for celebrities but for anyone who relies on their personal brand and whose reputation is important to them.

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